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Our firm provides the two organizers (below) to new tax clients to assist them in gathering the information necessary to prepare their individual income tax returns. If you are an existing client, please contact us for your own personalized organizer.

The filing deadline for your income tax return is April 15. In order to meet this filing deadline your completed tax organizer needs to be received no later then March 28. Any information received after that date may require that an extension of time be filed for your return.

If an extension of time is required, any tax due must be paid with that extension. Any taxes not paid by the filing deadline may be subject to late penalties and interest.

Follow the links below to print the organizer that suits your needs best.

SIMPLIFIED ORGANIZER : This organizer is perfect for the taxpayer who has a very basic return with no itemized deductions, businesses or rental properties.

EXPANDED ORGANIZER : This organizer is for a taxpayer with a more complex return. This would include itemized deductions, businesses, rental properties and more.

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